Zach McCormick

Name- Zach “ATTACK” McCormick
Birth date- 3/5/2001
Birth place- Encinitas, California
Currently calling home- Encinitas, California
Sponsors- Vissla, Oakley, SuperBrand Surfboards, A7 Headsets,
grombomb healthy rehydration, BubbleGum Surf Wax, Surfride and of
course Pro-Lite
Free surf or contest- Contest bring it home, but FREE SURF is epic 'cause
you get to try new tricks. Contest you have to stick to the plan or you
won’t make it through your heats, and that sucks.
Favorite spot- Lower’s is the bomb! But Seaside Reef is what I like to call
Best trip- Costa Rica- surf was insane!!! 5-7 everyday
Favorite board (Dimensions)- My magic Super/ 4ft. 6 inch gets it done
Favorite movie- Lost Atlas for Surf/ Napoleon Dynamite for Comedy, so
Favorite Surfer- John John Florence
In my Ipod- what isn’t???
Other than surfing I- dig golfing, skating and hanging with family/friends
Favorite Pro-Lite products- all of them, they are super sick!!!!

Favorite Prolite Products