Christian Saenz

Name- Christian Saenz
Birth date- 7/22/91                                               
Birth place- Newport Beach, California
Currently calling home- Huntington Beach, California
Sponsors- Fox clothing and wetsuits, Arnette, Cobian, Pesce Surfboards, Pro-Lite, Sanchos Tacos
Free surf or contest- hard to say I love both
Favorite spot- Lowers              
Best trip- will be in the future
Favorite board (Dimensions)- 59- 18 3/8- 2 1/4
Favorite movie- Step Brothers
In my Ipod- Red Hot Chili Peppers, Empire of the Sun, Eminem, Cold Play, The Game, Young Jeezy
Other than surfing I- Like to watch basketball, hang with my family, listen to mucic, train, and eat
Favorite Pro-Lite products- My signature pad is the best!

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