Nic Hdez

Name: Nicholas Anthony Hdez

DOB: 10/29/96

Hails From: Santa Cruz, Ca

Sponsors: Prolite, Quiksilver, Oakley, Sexwax, and Channel Islands Surfboards. 

Local Spot: Pleasure Point

Home Town Hero? Nat Young

Favorite Wave? One of the right points down in Mexico

Proudest Moment? Winning Open Juniors at NSSA Western Regionals

What cant you leave home without? My phone.

Favorite Movie? Savages

Hit shuffle on your ipod and list the first 3 songs (DONíT CHEAT! God is watching!)

This is out of 2,300 songs by the way, and I dont listen to 3/4's of them!

1. Interlude by Lil Wayne

2. The Paris Swing Box by Parov Stelar

3. Cry For You by September 

Favorite Pro Lite Product? The RocketShip traction pad. Flat pads for life!