Wheeled Coffin - Shortboard 3-4 Boards

Wheeled Coffin - Shortboard 3-4 Boards

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Arenít you the world traveler; packing the groveler, shortboard, step-up and the mini-gun.   Donít enjoy lugging 50 pounds worth of  boards through LAX?   Well then put some wheels on that thing.  Hey easy there, donít call it fat itís just a little plump, the freshman 10 gives you the extra foam to prove it.  Large exterior pockets with drainage will keep the crust off your boardshorts and the smile on your face. Internal dividers and board packers provide the perfect separation for your boards.  Need a place for your stash?  Throw it in the secret pull out ďstorageĒ pocket.  Donít worry about salted zips on this bag; super beefcake molded non-corrosive zippers will keep the movement smooth for the life of the bag.

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