3D Fins XDS Hex Core Tri 4.0-Twin Tab

3D Fins XDS Hex Core Tri 4.0-Twin Tab

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3D Fins XDS Hex Core Tri 4.0-Twin Tab

About our product

The 4.0 is our step-up Grom/Manchild fin: just what a grom on the grow needs.

These fins are super responsive, the dimples combined with extra base give insane drive with the slightest push on the pedal. The reduced area at the tip allows for slick release so Manchild can do whatever he wants to do. This fin is also great for bigger surfers wanting some fun in smaller waves.  3DFINS unique embedded graphic process takes Fin design to the next level.
Hexcore/Fiberglass construction for extra durability & strength.

Twin Tab (FCS base compatible)

Surfer Size 55-75kg ( 121-165 lb)

Height 4.42"

Base 4.29"

Rake 32.4 degrees

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SIZE: Purple
PRICE: $95.00
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